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Winkler Woods LLC was formed in 2002 by the fourth generation Koa wood industry leader, Jorma Winkler, to supply Exotic Hawaiian Woods to customers worldwide, both in lumber and veneer form. The Winklers have been a major distributor of Hawai'ian Hardwoods in Hawai'i for the past few decades. We specialize in supplying your unique Koa, Mango, and Ohia Hawaiian Hardwood needs. --> Please YELP a review!

Winkler Woods

Company Name

Winkler Woods LLC

TEL: 808-591-8144 Fax: 808-356-0911
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Koa Harvesting

Hawaii Island


May 2002

Business Activities

Koa manufacturing and distribution; cultural relations between Japan and Hawaii


Late 1800's


Our first experience with sawmilling and wood supply started generations ago in Northern California.

Early 1970's

The first Winklers relocated to Hawaii for forestry industry work.


Jorma Winkler began marketing Hawaiian lumber species worldwide.


2002 May


Winkler Woods LLC formed to supply koa to the instrument makers worldwide in lumber, resawn sets, and fancy veneers.

2003 June

Winkler Woods LLC chosen over many other companies by the State of Hawaii, Dept of Hawaiian Homelands to harvest, market, and reforest over 100 acres of koa forested land on the slopes of Mauna Kea 6,000' elevation.


2006 October


Honolulu, Hawaii branch office for sales and distribution started. 

A new line of ukuleles was formed by Jorma Winkler to make use of small pieces of koa that can be used in ukuleles. World famous line of UKULELES named Big Island Ukulele Co.

2010 July

Office and warehouse moved to more central Honolulu location; now within walking distance to major shopping areas (Ward and Ala Moana); kiln drying and secondary processing done here.




Moved from unit 104 to unit 108 twice the size to add a full millwork shop.



Winkler Woods (Jorma Winkler) named Hawaii State Small Business Administration Exporter of the Year and presented award by Hawaii Congress Members in both the House and Senate.



Michael Sowards, the ops manager from 2015, launches Winkler Woods furniture and cabinetry business to offer custom product to the booming development in Kaka’ako. We also established our millwork processes to accept many custom projects from all over the world! A few key projects we supplied materials for: the new International Marketplace Burial Room Wall exterior (custom-made Shou Sugi Ban), the interior wall at the Waiea Nobu in Kaka’ako with a VERY DIFFICULT finish process for their interior wall, again Shou Sugi Ban. We also made some Hawaiian Mango and Hawaiian Sugi dining tables for the extremely popular sushi restaurant, Sushi Murayama in the 808 Center. If you don’t like sushi, well, we think you will like the tables. Restaurant Nobu's wall paneling was another Sho Sugi Ban project completed by us.


Winkler Woods becomes MUCH more “retail-friendly” getting more organized and easier for customers to come in and purchase many different exotic local hardwoods such as Lychee, Sugi, Ohai, Monkey Pod, Silver Oak, Robusta, Kamani, Milo, Kou, Japanese Tochi, Quilted and Figured Maple, Spruce, and a few others in lumber and natural edge slabs.