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Winkler Woods LLC was formed in 2002 by the fourth generation wood-industry leader Jorma Winkler to supply Hawaiian Exotic Woods to customers worldwide, both in lumber and veneer form. The Winklers have been a major distributor of Hawai'ian Hardwoods in Hawai'i for the past few decades. We specialize in supplying your unique wholesale Hawaiian Hardwood needs particularly for the musical instrument market for ukuleles and guitars.

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Resaw, Joint, Kiln Drying, Plane, Sanding, specialty projects

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KOA SUPPLIER – Wholesale and Retail

  • Koa Ukulele Instrument Sets
  • Koa Guitar Instrument Sets and Billets
  • Koa Lumber
  • Koa Veneers - Paperback, Plywood, and Raw
  • Koa Flooring, Koa Moldings and Millwork

Winkler Woods LLC 875 Waimanu St. #108 Honolulu, HI 96813 TEL: 808 591-8144 FAX: 808-356-0911 inquiry "at-mark"